8AB Supsense


8AC H.B. Film

We will from time to time watch the film to reinforce the info we are encountering via the book. Please only watch the sections you are asked to.

8AB + 7C Trips with Mr.Patrick

Hi guys,

We have a few fun days lined up ahead of us. If you didn’t get the needed permission slips please download them, print, sign and get them back to me ASAP.

20.6 – 8AB Trip to Železná studenka = BBQ, Sports, Hiking

8th Grade Trip to Železná studnička

21.6 – 7C Trip to Železná studenka = Sports, Hiking…possible biking 🙂

7C Trip to Železná studnička

26.-29.6–  8A Trip to Orava.    Return Slip due: 20.6!

8A Hruštín