8AB ‘Call of the Wild’ ch.1

‘Call of the Wild’ ch. 1

TEXT: http://london.sonoma.edu/writings/CallOfTheWild/


8AB Lit: ‘Call of The Wild’ / Ch.1

Answer the following questions in full-sentence, complete answers.

  1. Who is the author of the book? When was it first published?
  1. What do you infer the title ‘Call of the Wild’ tell us about what this story is about.
  1. Who are the main characters in chapter 1? Tell us who they are, what they are and one word to best describe their character. Are they antagonists or protagonists?
  1. Describe in detail the setting of the story:
  1. Briefly explain the plot of the story. Can you identify the problem, if so tell us what it is.

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