7ABC Geo – Africa

Africa is a continent of great diversity – geographically, culturally, and in biodiversity.

Watch these videos and take detailed notes. You will be quizzed for the material.

Video #1 : Africa is not a country


Video #2: Geo of Africa



7ABC GEO S.W.A. City Projects

SWA CityProjects data list:

Here is a list of expectations and due dates for collecting data an writing up text for your S.W.A. city projects. Most of it will be done on Geo, but a bit of time on LC will be given as well. Please be responsible to make the deadlines! Your work will be checked on the due dates.

I would suggest that you create a WORD file that you can save all your data on and print from. At the end of the project you will take all of your collected data and create your city tour packet.

Good Luck!

UPDATED! Access all the expectations and due dates here: SWA CityProjects Examples


7ABC ‘Julie of the Wolves’


Our new novel that we will be exploring will be ‘Julie of the Wolves’ by Jean C. George. Books will be provided daily in class and you are expected to read along at your own pace and do the written work that accompanies the text. An online version of the story is provided for those who need more time or are away.

Story Text: ‘Julie of the Wolves’ PDF

You are responsible to keep us to the following reading schedule:

2-6.5: pg 1-40

10-13.5: pg 40-107

16-20.5: pg 108-168

23-27.5: pg 168-201

This link, Julie of the Wolves Study Guide , is a 3 page worksheet that you should print and fill out as you read. The due dates are as follows:

Part 1 due 17.5

Part 2 due 24.5

Part 3 due 30.5