Geo: Middle East

The Middle East is a region of great physical, cultural, historical and linguistic diversity, impact and conflict. It is the birthplace of many empires, ideas and three major world religions.

Q: What are your impressions of the Middle East? What countries are part of this region? What are the major cities?

Watch these videos and take detailed notes. You will write short essays from the info later, so be detailed and specific. You should give each video a title with notes following. Be neat!

Now fill in a blank map of the Middle East. Include all the countries, capitals and major cities, seas and rivers. Color each nation in a different shade.

HW: Choose a capital, major or historical city from the Middle East. Find a map online of the city center. Print it out. Mark on the map a few major building or sites (eg. Parliament building, palace, castle) Be able to speak about what you found. Bring to class for the next lesson.

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