S.E.A. Project

7ABC Geo: S.E.A. Project

Project: Choose a country and a topic. Write an essay and create a poster to illustrate your essay. Be ready to orally present your work.

Value: Big Test value. Late work = -10% each day!

Due: On your lesson on the week of Feb 9-11 (7B due on 16.2)

Details: Write an excellent essay on a S.E.A. country and topic of your choosing. Do as much research as you can on the topic. Your task is to write a 1 page typed essay (14pt type) written specifically about your chosen topic in relationship to your country. [For example: if you chose Islam/Indonesia you must not just write about Islam, but how does Islam affect Indonesia, how it is practiced there, how it influences culture there…] You can narrow down your topics to be more specific if you like (Food/Malaysian > Chinese influence on food/Malaysia )This essay is in your own words = no cut-paste from the internet. Please list your top 3 internet resources at the end of your essay in 10pt size font. Please note that spelling and grammar will be considered when assessing your grade.

The A2 poster should have your essay pasted onto it. It should be very creative and include pictures with captions that illustrate your essay.


  • Choose any S.E.A. country
  • Choose one of the following topics:
  1. Physical geography
  2. Political/Economics
  3. History
  4. Culture
  5. Food
  6. Daily Life
  7. Tourism
  8. Religion Good Luck!

7ABC Geo – South East Asia

Watch this short video of South East Asia. Write a excellent 1 paragraph description of the geography, culture and impressions you have. Be very descriptive and detailed.

Now watch the following videos and take very detailed notes. Divide the notes into organised catgories.

For homework you will watch this next video and continue your notes. You will have a quiz next lesson based on your notes and your ability to clearly write about what you learned about South East Asia.