7ABC E.Asia Project Guidlines

Guidelines for the East Asia Project:  

 This is worth the same value as an exam!                           Due: Dec 1, 2015

You must… Do research on your country using books or internet to create a visually appealing, clearly stated, full of great images, and factual power-point presentation of your assigned East Asian country.  The information should more or less be in your own words (not simply copied from the internet directly into your presentation. You will also be required to present the information, which means you must be able to speak about it (not just read a slide!)

What must be included in the presentation?

  1. key info about the geography, natural resources, political, languages, culture, people, and history of your country. A few bullet points for each section would be great. I would suggest at least 2 slides per section (a mix of data and pictures). Please organize your info according to those 7 topics. Text should be in your own words, not copied directly from your source.
  2. In the CULTURE section I would like you to add a larger emphasis: Make a least 1 slide for each of the following topics: Holidays. Daily Life, Family structure, Food, Traditional customs, Pop culture (ex: Manga for Japan), Sports, & Religion.
  3. include 2 maps that relate to your country. (ex: physical map, cities, people groups, resources, etc)
  4. include 1 bar graph displaying information about your countries educational system (ex: literacy rates, # of girls in school, % of university graduates…) You may not find it as a graph online and might need to create your own.
  5. flag of your country
  6. pictures or illustrations of your country
  7. Include 1 video (imbed) or link that illustrates part of your presentation. Put this as the last informational slide.
  8. You must make a list of resources you used. (ex: Himalayan Mountains, our text book pg 221   OR   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Himalayas). This info will be on the very last slide.

Be able to clearly present your country in front of the class for 5-10 minutes. Give space for questions and be ready to answer them.

This is worth the same value as the term exam!

Good Luck!

Additional notes:

  1. When you are finished with the presentation email it to Mr.Patrick at higginsgalileo@gmail.com
  2. Make sure you bring in the presentation on USB or have it read on Office 365. We will begin to present on the next lesson!
  3. Print out a copy of the slides on paper. You can do a reduced version (4-6 slides on one paper). When on P.Point open the PRINT page. Look down to the ‘full page slide’, click and change to a different print option that prints more slides on each page. Than print as normal.

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