7ABC E.Asia History Worksheet

7ABC Geo East Asia History (pg 560)

  1. What separated ancient China from other civilizations?
  1. What other people did ancient China affect? How did they do it?

3. How do we know about the ancient Chinese civilization?

  1. Describe the key features of an early Chinese settlement:
  1. What was the Mandate of Heaven?
  1. Who were two important Chinese philosophers? What did they teach?
  1. Who was China’s first emperor? What were some of his legacy?
  1. Who was Genghis Khan? Where was he from? What was he known for or accomplished?
  2. In modern times (after 1911) what political change took place that ended the ancient dynasties? What forging powers influenced this? How was China split politically?

10. How long is the Great Wall?

  1. Where did the early Japanese probably come from?
  1. What are clans?
  1. What were some ways China influenced Japan?
  1. Who were the Samurai? What was their function?
  1. What was a Shogun?
  1. What did Tokugawa do in 1603 to unite Japan?
  1. Critical Thinking: What were two causes for the fall of empires in East Asia?

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