7ABC Geo: S.Asia Project

Guidelines for the South Asia Project.  This is worth the same value as a exam! You must… Do research on your country using books or internet. You must make a list of resources you used. (ex: Andes Mountains, our text book pg 221   OR   Andes Mountains, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andes). This list will be written or pasted on the back of a poster. Create a presentation poster, size A3. This should be done very neatly, creatively and professionally. The poster will include

  1. key info about the geography, natural resources, political, languages, culture, people, and history of your country. A few sentence for each section would be great. Please organize your info according to those 7 topics. Text should be in your own words, not copied directly from your source.
  2. include 2 maps that relate to your country. (ex: physical map, cities, people groups, resources, etc)
  3.  include 1 bar graph displaying information about your country.
  4. flag of your country
  5.  pictures or illustrations of your country

Find and have ready to show (internet link) an amazing video that shows off your country. Be able to clearly present your country in front of the class for 2-3 minutes. Give space for questions and be ready to answer them.This is worth the same value as the term exam!

EXAMPLE: https://mrpatrickgalileo.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/s-america-project-example.pdf

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