6ABC – Call It Courage

Dear 6ABC,

Please continue reading the rest of “Call It Courage” and complete the worksheets for each chapter. If you do not have enough time in class you can access the book here:

Call It Courage

You can also borrow the book from the school library during breaks and after school.

Remember to paste all your worksheets into your notebooks for general checks and grading.


5C History – Abraham

Abraham was the father of many nations and religions that complement and complicate our lives to this very day. It is the story of this one man that has shaped much of the world as it is today.

Watch this dramatic retelling of Abram’s life:


Also, look at a portion of a primary resource – the Torah (Jewish scriptures & historical writings) to dig deeper into the story of Abraham.

Click here for:  5ABC Hebrew Kingdom Genesis 22 – Abraham Tested