6ABC History – The Development of Christianity

You have learned a lot about the life of Jesus. Now let us review what we know & highlight key facts. Also we will learn how the followers of Jesus would develop the Christian faith and begin what was known as the Early Church.

The Development of Christianity p262

Now that you have a wider view on how Christianity began watch these videos to discover how it expanded into a world religion.

6ABC History – The Betrayal and Passion of Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was an important historical figure that caused quite a stir in his own nation both with the Hebrew people and the Romans. He also has a legacy that carried on via his followers that has impacted Western culture to this very day. Let us look at the end of Jesus life.

Read in your text books pg 266-269. Watch the videos to answer these questions:

1. Who betrayed Jesus? Why? How?

2. What did the Romans do to Jesus?

3. What did the Gospel writers claim happened to Jesus after his death?

4. KEY QUESTION: Why did Christians believe an afterlife was possible?

The Betrayal of Jesus


And the Passion of Jesus:


6ABC History – The Life of Jesus

The life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels takes a very focused view on the ‘mission’ of Jesus as an anticipated Messiah figure. Watch this docu-drama based on the Gospels to get a sense of the expectations of the Jewish people and the conflict that Jesus created within the religious system of his day and the Roman government ruling over Judea.

Try to answer these questions:

1. What were the common peoples expectations of Jesus?

2. What did Jesus say was his mission? What kinds of things did he teach?

3. Why did Jesus make conflict for religious Jews & ruling Romans?

Follow this link to the film: http://gloria.tv/embed/frame/media/Doh2R3SPeyX/width/624/height/352

5C – Mesopotamia

Please watch the below video to get an overview of the Mesopotamian civilization. You must write video notes = an many main facts as you can. I will give you a quiz on the next lesson. I am quizzing you on your ability to pick out key terms & ideas. Goof Luck!