6ABC History: Roman Research Project

Now that you know a lot of about Rome generally I would like you to dig a bit deeper. You will do a research project, that is you will find more information about a specific topic.

Steps: 1. Choose any topic you would like to learn more about the Romans (ex: daily life, fashion, food, warfare) Write your topic into your notebook. You will need to make some space in your notebook for research notes.

2. Visit one of these websites or use books to find more information about your chosen topic.






3. Write down the key ideas and facts into your notebook (you don’t need to copy the whole sentence word for word).

4. Source! You will look at many sites and books. You need to know where you got your information from.  To do this you need to write a reference to each bit of information you wrote down.

EX: FACT –  “Rome is now the capital city of Italy. 2,000 years ago it was the centre of the Roman Empire.”

Source – http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/romans/city_of_rome/

Tip: To make this easier I suggest that you look at one website, write down all the info you need from it and use the source reference at the end. Then more to the next page and do the same thing. This way your information is grouped according to sources.

OK…get started!

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