5C & 6ABC LC Required Reading Project

5C & 6ABC Required Reading Project

DUE: JAN 12th

Design a creative project presentation to show off what you know and liked about your required reading.

Ex: Large format poster, art presentation, display, book…

Q: What is expected?


  • Colorful & creative
  • Handmade (not made on a computer)
  • Clear presentation of book content
  • Visually display something about the story in a creative way

Content: All content MUST be on/included in your project…

  • Title of book and titles above the following sections…
  • A paragraph summarizing the story.
  • A paragraph telling us what you or others could learn from the story.
  • Tell us about the main characters.
  • Tell us the key details about the author: name, birth/death, brief biography (if possible), what genre/other stories the author has written.
  • A paragraph telling what you liked about the book/story.

Presentation: Be able to present your work…

  • Simply be familiar with and able to talk about your book and project without reading from a text.

DUE: JAN 12th

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