6ABC LC – Epic Check List

Follow this checklist to make sure you have done your Epic properly!


  1. Follows the 3 stages of an Epic write – Exile, Journey, Return
  2. Has a clear quest.
  3. Includes: Protagonists, Antagonists, and either 1 Side-kick or Sage
  4. Describes a characters weakness and how it is overcome.
  5. Has a clear P.P.P
  6. Has a proper title


  1. Correct spelling, grammar, and word choice
  2. Has clear paragraphs.
  3. Uses speech marks & correct punctuation.
  4. Length = 1-1.5 pages types


  1. Typed using a regular font (ex: Times, Arial)
  2. 12pt font
  3. Make 2.0 spacing between sentences (a bit wider than normal for editing)

Tip:  Many of you had lots of mistakes, mostly spelling. Use spell-check before printing!

Common mistakes were:

  1. Capitalization
  2. Using similar, but wrong words
  3. Word order
  4. Forgetting speech marks
  5. Incorrect verb forms (Ex: runned > ran)

Please check you papers using the above info. Then type, SAVE, and print out a new copy.

You MUST return BOTH your draft & 2nd draft!


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