5C History – King Tut Presentation

You will be visiting the exhibition of King Tut. Watch the video to find out more about how this special tomb was discovered.

Task: Watch the video, take video notes on what you think are the most important points. I will check your notes later!


6ABC History – The Romans

We all have ideas about the Romans. Yet, what were the ideas that the Romans themselves had? What did they know? What are some key events or inventions that make the Romans impressive even to us today?

Watch the video below to find out a few answers to these questions. Please make as many notes as possible. You will be quizzed!

6ABC LC – Epic Check List

Follow this checklist to make sure you have done your Epic properly!


  1. Follows the 3 stages of an Epic write – Exile, Journey, Return
  2. Has a clear quest.
  3. Includes: Protagonists, Antagonists, and either 1 Side-kick or Sage
  4. Describes a characters weakness and how it is overcome.
  5. Has a clear P.P.P
  6. Has a proper title


  1. Correct spelling, grammar, and word choice
  2. Has clear paragraphs.
  3. Uses speech marks & correct punctuation.
  4. Length = 1-1.5 pages types


  1. Typed using a regular font (ex: Times, Arial)
  2. 12pt font
  3. Make 2.0 spacing between sentences (a bit wider than normal for editing)

Tip:  Many of you had lots of mistakes, mostly spelling. Use spell-check before printing!

Common mistakes were:

  1. Capitalization
  2. Using similar, but wrong words
  3. Word order
  4. Forgetting speech marks
  5. Incorrect verb forms (Ex: runned > ran)

Please check you papers using the above info. Then type, SAVE, and print out a new copy.

You MUST return BOTH your draft & 2nd draft!


6ABC Alexander the Great p.217-122

Review the presentation and overview video about Alexander the Great.

Ancient Greece 6 – Alexander the Great p217

Use your text book (pg.217-222) and one of the videos below to help answer the following questions about Alexander the Great. Try to have good, solid, full sentence answers. The more details the better.

1) How did Alexander build an empire?

2) How did Greek Culture blend with other cultures to form Hellenistic culture?

3) Why do you think Alexander is called “Alexander the Great”? What makes him Great?

6ABC History – Athenian Democracy & War p.209

Look at the presentation. Try to answer – What were Pericles 3 goals?

Ancient Greece 6 – Athenian Democracy and War p209

Watch the video, take detailed notes:

As a result of Athens rise from a City-State to an Athenian Empire, Athens made a lot of jealous and scared enemies. This lead to the Peloponnesian Wars. Watch the presentation to get more info.

Ancient Greece 6 – Pel War

Watch the video, take detailed notes:

HW: Read pg. 216-221

For extra credit watch this video and take notes. Your title should be, “Pericles’ Athens”