5C History: Approaching History

Be able to answer the following questions:

1) What is History? = the story of people from the past

2) How do we learn about history? = Primary & Secondary sources.

3) Why do we study history? = To answer historical questions about human development & learn patterns of development from the past.

4) What are ways we get clues about Early Peoples? Primary resources, genetics, and mythology/folklore.

5) How far back in history is the human story? We don’t know, but primary sources suggest at least 10,000+ years. Beyond that it is not provable, but theoretical.

HW: Please read pg 9-11 and be familiar with the vocabulary.

Watch the video “Prometheus & Pandora”. This is a Greek mythology which tells the ancient Greeks’ belief about how humans discovered fire. It also tells about a story how vices entered into the world. Watch the video and write in your notebooks a short description of the mythology.

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