4c History – Romans

Romans+Celebrate+2+766th+Anniversary+Their+e8qoJoxYugEl4C History: Ancient Rome

First watch the video and take notes on what you think is important, key terms and ideas. Also draw some pictures of some part of Roman life and label them. You can use the video or your text book to help. Do all of this on your notebook timeline: Rome 753BC – 473AD.


Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/romans/ to find a link to the BBC Primary History website about Ancient Rome. You will explore this site to find the answers to the following questions. The questions are groups according to the sections where you can find the answers. Please write full sentence answers.

City of Rome:

How did Rome get its name?

Who was the first Roman Emperor?

Roman Army:

Who was in the Roman Army?

What was a legion?

What armor & weapons did the Romans have?

Roman technology:

What are aqueducts?

Why didn’t the Romans need many machines?

Family & Children:

What was life like for a Roman family?

Did Romans go to school?

What did the Romans eat?


What kind of gods did the Romans believe in? How did they worship them?

Now that you are done have fun exploring the website. Try out some of the quizzes and games. HW: Continue you Timeline in your note book (Rome). Draw some pictures of Ancient Rome & important facts. Use the web or your book to help you find the right information.  Paste this worksheet into your notebook.

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