4C – Ancient Greece

g_hector_v_achillesGo to BBC Primary History website about Ancient Greece. You will explore this site to find the answers to the following questions. The questions are groups according to the sections where you can find the answers. Please write full sentence answers.

The Greek World:

What was ancient Greece like?

When did Greek civilization begin?

What was the Trojan war?

Growing Up in Greece:

What did Greek children learn?


Why was Athens great?


When did the Olympics start? Where?

What were some of the events or sports they did?

Gods & Heroes:

Who were some of the Greek gods? What are they known for?

Who were some of the Greek heroes? What were they known for?

Now that you are done have fun exploring the website. Try out some of the quizzes and games. HW: Continue you Timeline in your note book (Greece 450BC). Draw some pictures of Ancient Greece & important facts. Use the web or your book to help you find the right information.

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