5A Excursion – May 5th, 2014

mixed-trees-of-gisburn-forestDear 5A’s,

We will go on our annual Forest Adventure on May 5th!

We will be gone from 8:30-2:00.

Lunch is provided by the school.

Please come to school on time… that means 8:00!

Click the link to get your permission slip. Please print & have your parents sign it by Monday morning. If not you will have to stay at school 😦

Permission Slip


History: India HW & Test Prep.

We will have a test on all the info studied about India (7.5). Use the notes here and your old quizzes to help you.

Notes: India 


India influences the world in many ways. One of the great influences of the modern age has been the civil rights leader – Mohandas Gandhi. Below is a video of his life. Please write video notes and know the key facts for the TEST.


For more info see:

Lit & Comp. 5AC Game Plan

220px-The_Modernity_of_ShakespeareHi 5AC,

Bellow is our game plan for LC for the next 2 weeks. We need to keep to a tight schedule, so please pay attention to due dates!



Week 18:

Mon 28.4 Shakespeare Compare & Contrast Essay.

HW: Write the essay. Due: 5A 2.5, 5C 5.5

Wed/Fri  Shakespeare: Biography – read, analyze, answer questions.

Week 19:

Mon 5.5  Shakespeare Compare & Contrast Essay due (typed). We will learn editing skills and peer edit.

HW: Take edited essays and fix, save, and print. 2nd draft due: next lesson!

Wed/Fri        Biography – read, analyze, answer questions.

Project – Choose one aspect of Shakespeare’s life and write a biography according to the guidelines. Type, save, print. Worth test grade!

HW: Do project. Due: 5C = 14.5   5A = 16.5


Crazy Contraptions

As we look at Simple Machines in Science I would like to put forth the challenge:

Who can design & create the most innovative, creative, efficient egg cracker?

Task: As teams make an egg cracker with a system of at least 4 simple machines. You can have one person start it, but it must run by itself after that until it cracks the egg.

For ideas and specific requirements see the link below. The rules are on pg 5 of the linked PDF file. All rules apply except #3. Use as many interesting materials and simple machines as you can. Have fun!


For inspiration watch this video and enjoy the Rube Goldberg inspired drawings:

To review how do simple machines work, please revisit the Simple Machine Game: