Life in Egypt

ancient-egypt-pyramids-wallpaperHW task for 12.3 is to create a poster on any aspect of Egyptian life – customs, family, school, myths, gods, geography, language…. it’s up to you!

The poster should be between A4-3, colorful, have pictures (drawn or printed) and tell about 1 aspect of Egyptian life in your own words.

You can use books that you have at home, text book (pg 87-93), videos, or the internet. (Warning – any text you put on the poster should be in your own handwriting and in your own words… not copied from the internet).

Here are two links which may help you:

It is due on our next lesson!

Classroom policy reminder:

Classroom reminder:

In 5th grade students are responsible to find out their HW, get missing notes, and be aware of when quizzes are (even if its not posted online).

Vacations are to be taken during official school holidays. If you take holidays outside of the set time all responsibility for missed info and assignments rests on the student alone.This is not the teachers responsibility.

Lastly, students who constantly disrupt in classes will be asked to leave the class for that period so that other students can benefit from the education they are paying for. It is the responsibility of the offending student to get any missed notes, info, etc from their classmates on their own time. Such students are not eligible for tutoring on the missed information.

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